Katelyn Nicole Davis' Dad Answers Your Hard Questions-EMOTIONAL =(


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Published on 05/05/2017

9:15 - What did he see in Tammy (her Mother)? Any good qualities?
11:25 - Did Tammy apologize during the funeral?
14:30 - Was there a visitation order? A protection order?
16:00 - Why not file for a visitation plan once out of the Army?
20:08 - Was a military career more important than Katelyn?
23:05 - Is Cedartown, GA as horrible as people say?
24:45 - He mentions Katelyn's school.
26:22 - What age did Katelyn begin singing?
26:52 - What occurred at Katelyn's funeral?
29:05 - Does Tammy keep you from visiting Katelyn's grave?
31:27 - He responds to comments that he should kill her Step-Dad.
*34:01* - (TRIGGER WARNING: VERY SAD) I ask what he would say to Katelyn if he saw her, today.

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