7 Coffee Break Gift & Craft Fair Ideas


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Published on 11/11/2017

In this video, I show you 7 projects I created using the Coffee Break suite. The first project is a large test tube filled with Coffee Nut M&Ms. The second project is a test tube holder with two mini test tubes. The third project is Keurig K-cup holders with coffee beans and embellishments. The fourth project is a decorated pillow box which can be used to hold a gift card. The fifth group of items I will show you are several mini pizza boxes which can be used to hold Startbucks gift cards, Coffee Nut M&Ms, or Hershey Nugget treats. The sixth project is a variation of a project I created last summer. They are instant Starbucks coffee treat holders. The seventh and final project in this video is a desktop calendar with sticky notes. Please visit my blog because that is where I will be posting instructions for these projects. http://thepaperedchef.com/

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