digital liquid filling machine - table top liquid filler


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Published on 05/19/2018
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TRU MARK innovative table top digital plc controlled gear pump-based liquid filling machien is a compact filling system used to fill low to medium viscosity plain liquid products like, oil, water, rose water, perfume, edible oil, hair serum, facial serum, hair oil, lube oil, liquid , juice, coconut oil, makeup cleaner, nail paint remover filling etc

best suitable for thin low viscosity plain liquids, can fill from 10 to 1000ml or even more
machine have different filling speed & filling volue can be easily set by auto set function & timer based pump control system
filling accuracy is very good upto 99.5%
machine can be operated in auto cyclic model or by foot switch manual mode
it can be also mounted on conveyor to work as online filler
machine uses magnetic drive technology which make it efficient over other digital filler , it avoid any load on motor.
machien ahve NRV(non return valves) to avoid issue like dripping inbetween two fills.

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