Cherokee Seeking Answers from Anthony Lee Rogers Who Deflects Her Questions (See Description)


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Published on 11/07/2017

There has been some controversy about the audio released of Anthony Lee Rogers. Some people believe that this will hinder the investigation. You have to understand Katelyn and her siblings were victims of sexual predation by Anthony Lee Rogers for a very long time and law enforcement was well aware of the accusations long before Katelyn took her life and did nothing. In January/2017 a family member went to talk to the detective supposedly on the case and asked her to look at Katelyn's video streams for evidence of criminality against Katelyn and her siblings. The detective responded, " Would you want me to spend all day in front of the computer or would you like me to go out and do my job?" This was in January/2017 when they ruled Katelyn's death a suicide period, CASE CLOSED. They had zero interest in pursuing criminal charges against Anthony Lee Rogers, Tammy Michelle Rogers or Luke Callahan. They wanted to sweep their failures under the rug. Only after much pressure from the public did they renew an investigation months later which they call, "due diligence", finally claiming that they would have an officer look at "every minute" of Katelyn's videos. It's been almost a year since Katelyn took her life and way over a year since the sexual molestation allegations were made against Anthony Lee Rogers which law enforcement was well aware of. Without pressure from the public and certain private individuals who have spent a large portion of their time seeking justice for Katelyn and her siblings by spreading AWARENESS of every aspect of Katelyn's life whether on video or audio (that can be found) to the public, law enforcement would NOT be doing their job and the injustice of Katelyn's life and death would be forgotten. AWARENESS is the only tool we have to bring about JUSTICE. We can no longer wait for law enforcement to drag their feet unwillingly to do their jobs. There would have been no renewed investigation if it wasn't for this strategy of AWARENESS. There is a lot more evidence that has never been made public which law enforcement is just sitting on. There is also this argument that all the videos posted online are only hearsay and not concrete evidence but that is not the point; AWARENESS is really the goal & NOT the releasing of critical evidence in this case (if such a case legitimately exists). Nothing will stop us from getting #JusticeForKatelyn.

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