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Published on 03/20/2017

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So glad I got this moment on film! LYRICS BELOW...

BEAT ("Calculated Bullets" by DJ Raw Trax):





I gotta gloat
watch me as I lock n load
I rock a show
Ollie B unstoppable
My music rock n roll
Lets move it rock the boat
Yo Lets prove that I could flow
Kill this beat? I got it bro

[Verse 1]
imma be that fighter in the dog pound
fuckin with that song’s sound like I’m
all in with those claws out and i'm doing the beat like that saw's out
bustin up the wall now
buckin all that talk down
when I go in I go all out
Cus I was flown in from that baller town
I came up in a city where it’s windy never thought I’d be a rapper
that would spit it so sickly
like every line that I rhyme is a sign of my design to chill your
spine to and blow your mind up into smithereens.
Imma say it crisply. there’s no way to miss the
meaning of the message in this mayhem when it hits the
speakers like a cyclone making waves up in your city
it’s the nitty gritty flow….. GO

yo yo yo cus imma crush it like im killin this.
everybody feeling this fired up real shit
Ollie B that real shit
I crush it cus im killin this.
everybody fillin this fired up real shit
Ollie B that real shit let’s go

[Verse 2]
Imma wreck it Imma rant
so poetic so intense
so prophetic no pretend
when I go Imma get it no question
arrested cus my attitude
Damn that cop eats too much food
Hey there Badge number 1042
better quit your job and fuck you too
I'm killin on the beat worse than
a villain in the street.
It’s got me filing like a beast that is
unwilling to be beat
Im hot as skillets in the heat.
I'm cold like chillin on a peak.
I spit it ill and imma wreak that doom
I’m the goon on the moon
crashing down onto the planet with a boom
Rapping like a maleficent pharaoh on the dunes
cus I put that beat into a tomb

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