Katelyn Nicole Davis [30.12.16-13:07] - ITZ DOLLY - [ Dolly I'd. ] [This is where I hang ] (37/37)


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Published on 01/24/2017

Chat log (All Times in GMT)

[2016-12-30T18:08:36.712Z] 😐Dallas😐: tree

[2016-12-30T18:08:38.650Z] 🐸KEK LORD🐸: ohaii

[2016-12-30T18:08:47.294Z] 😐Dallas😐: u upgrade it

[2016-12-30T18:08:49.56Z] Jordan 2344: so u get gifts

[2016-12-30T18:09:08.422Z] 😐Dallas😐: candy canes too upgrade it

[2016-12-30T18:09:12.454Z] Dillen.yo: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

[2016-12-30T18:09:28.181Z] 😐Dallas😐: boiii

[2016-12-30T18:10:42.795Z] Frankiss85: Hey

[2016-12-30T18:10:55.987Z] 🐸KEK LORD🐸: haha best live all day 😂😂😂

[2016-12-30T18:11:09.651Z] 😐Dallas😐: 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dead

[2016-12-30T18:11:14.696Z] angelic: come to new york?

[2016-12-30T18:11:33.643Z] Jacob200: Hey beautiful

[2016-12-30T18:11:34.350Z] Alexander rybak: 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

[2016-12-30T18:11:40.999Z] 😐Dallas😐: boiiiiiu

[2016-12-30T18:11:50.749Z] 🐸KEK LORD🐸: chinese that own this are just tryin a cash up

[2016-12-30T18:12:06.191Z] Alexander rybak: you from

[2016-12-30T18:12:31.40Z] Jacob200: how are you???

[2016-12-30T18:13:15.154Z] Jacob200: calm down and take a deep breath lol

[2016-12-30T18:13:23.65Z] George Light: Camele toe is showing... lol

[2016-12-30T18:13:33.435Z] YO.Lukeeeee15: ooosahhh

[2016-12-30T18:13:36.809Z] Alexander rybak: you so funny girl

[2016-12-30T18:13:50.67Z] Jacob200: Dolly do you remember me

[2016-12-30T18:14:10.417Z] Abdellatif Abdou: so funny girle

[2016-12-30T18:14:11.468Z] YO.Lukeeeee15: racist

[2016-12-30T18:14:14.564Z] George Light: You make my day 🤣🤣🤣

[2016-12-30T18:14:53.415Z] Jacob200: I miss talking to you beautiful

[2016-12-30T18:15:10.243Z] Alexander rybak: 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

[2016-12-30T18:18:49.801Z] Odd-Eyes Dragon: yo!

[2016-12-30T18:18:52.126Z] Zach Garrett: Hey

[2016-12-30T18:19:08.131Z] Odd-Eyes Dragon: how ya been?

[2016-12-30T18:19:15.251Z] Zach Garrett: lol

[2016-12-30T18:19:37.729Z] Jacob200: are you and zach a thing

[2016-12-30T18:21:06.425Z] Jacob200: Oh. I gtg

[2016-12-30T18:22:22.211Z] the psychiatrist: hope you have a nice New Year's

[2016-12-30T18:23:39.72Z] the psychiatrist: I'm willing to help you in every way I can if you want to

[2016-12-30T18:25:01.859Z] Zach Garrett: lol

[2016-12-30T18:25:51.366Z] country singer james: hi

[2016-12-30T18:26:19.359Z] AB Tarik: work work work

[2016-12-30T18:26:21.393Z] AB Tarik: haahhahaha

[2016-12-30T18:26:35.643Z] country singer james: hows it going

[2016-12-30T18:27:10.250Z] AB Tarik: how old r u

[2016-12-30T18:27:19.576Z] country singer james: you looking nice

[2016-12-30T18:28:39.396Z] Paul Snowden: hiya

[2016-12-30T18:28:50.559Z] Paul Snowden: how old r u

[2016-12-30T18:29:04.977Z] Zach Garrett: Hey

[2016-12-30T18:29:05.18Z] country singer james: smart kid

[2016-12-30T18:29:16.723Z] Paul Snowden: smart lol

[2016-12-30T18:31:23.369Z] George Light: So dark

[2016-12-30T18:32:27.988Z] country singer james: hi

[2016-12-30T18:32:47.677Z] country singer james: cute boy

[2016-12-30T18:33:47.653Z] country singer james: when he gets older he will get all the girls

[2016-12-30T18:34:27.407Z] pot-head: where you from

[2016-12-30T18:34:49.685Z] pot-head: happy new year from the UK

[2016-12-30T18:35:08.705Z] pot-head: England

[2016-12-30T18:35:17.325Z] pot-head: England

[2016-12-30T18:35:48.216Z] pot-head: where in America are you from

[2016-12-30T18:36:15.479Z] pot-head: im in Yorkshire England

[2016-12-30T18:36:35.709Z] country singer james: your the prettiest girl on this planet

[2016-12-30T18:36:42.346Z] pot-head: bice house

[2016-12-30T18:38:04.907Z] pot-head: is dolly your name

[2016-12-30T18:40:53.22Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: i just killed that fast bit 😂😂😂

[2016-12-30T18:41:17.776Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: this song is to eazy 😂

[2016-12-30T18:41:25.169Z] country singer james: dolly the prettiest girl on this planet

[2016-12-30T18:41:48.251Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: play tech n9ne 60 seconds assassin

[2016-12-30T18:42:13.962Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: try doing that one

[2016-12-30T18:42:21.460Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: get youtuve on

[2016-12-30T18:42:38.490Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: that sucks

[2016-12-30T18:42:59.406Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: havnt seen you in my streams in a long time 😭

[2016-12-30T18:43:06.880Z] country singer james: let it go

[2016-12-30T18:43:26.823Z] country singer james: thanks

[2016-12-30T18:43:44.51Z] country singer james: you sing great

[2016-12-30T18:44:18.847Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: you still following me?

[2016-12-30T18:44:43.648Z] country singer james: be good aj let her sing

[2016-12-30T18:44:44.444Z] KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: loud house 😂

[2016-12-30T18:45:09.46Z] country singer james: bye

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