Bathmate Penis Pump - Before & After Final Results of Six Week Progression


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Published on 08/01/2016

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The Final Week:

It’s been a 6 week journey that Matt has taken us through and today he’s showing us the final. Here are his final results:

Week 1 (Flaccid) Length: 3.5″ Diameter: 1.2″
Week 6 (Flaccid) Length: 4.4″ Diameter: 1.8″

Week 1 (Post) Length: 5.4″ Diameter: 1.6″
Week 6 (Post) Length: 7.1.” Diameter: 2.0″

Week 6 (Erect) Length: 7.0″ Diameter: 1.9″

After weeks of filming we now have a full story board for your eyes only! Matt has done a wonderful job in creating the world’s first penis enlargement documentary/ bathmate penis pump review, with great success! He has gained more size than expected with the Hydromax Xtreme.

Matt used the Hydromax pump every day without fail for 6 weeks in both the bath and shower, he demonstrates and documents all his progress with the bathmate in the videos below (not safe for work)

Matt says: ”it was a very new experience to be naked on camera and using the Hydromax Xtreme! I have achieved more size than any of us expected from the penis pump, it was pleasurable, easy to use, great results and I would truly recommend the product to anyone wanting to gain a bigger cock. I hope all the viewers liked the videos and found them helpful, humorous and interesting”

A big thank you to Matt for producing the videos and a big thank you to all our viewers!


Globally acclaimed as the most powerful pumps in the world, the Hydromax Xtreme series provides you with the equipment for the ultimate penis enlargement session. Each Hydromax Xtreme comes packaged with everything you will ever need to increase and maintain your prized possession. By including the hand ball in your practice, you can now create unparalleled vacuum pressure, unrivaled by any other enlargement device.

A hydro-vacuum pump works on the same principle, except it uses water instead of air to create the vacuum force. There are multiple advantages:

- With water, the power generated is more uniform around the penis. This means that all veins around the penis are equally stimulated. The end result is that there will be more results in terms of size.

- The hydro-vacuum technology uses warm water. This is intended to aid growth. Apart from length/girth, you also need your erection to be as hard as it can be, for maximum performance in bed.

- By using warm water, all grime that has accumulated there since your last bath is washed away. This opens up the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Healthier skin means that it lends itself to being stretched more without breaking – a necessity. You don’t want your erect penis is to be restricted by how much the skin can be elongated.

- The hydro-vacuum technology is safer. The chances of injury to your penile member are brought down considerably.

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