10 Movie Sex Scenes That Were Real



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Published on 02/01/2018

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When actors have to do sex scenes in a film, it can be very embarrassing, awkward, and even nerve wracking, but what if the scenes were real? would we even notice if they were? well, get your tube sock ready and see for yourself, as these scenes are argued to be as real as it gets on the big screen, with that being said, welcome to our list of 10 Movie Sex Scenes That Were Real.

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The List: "10 Movie Sex Scenes That Were Real"

- The Brown Bunny
- Lie With Me
- Intimacy
- Love
- Little Ashes
- Caligula
- Wetlands
- Shortbus
- Nymphomaniac
- Monster's Ball

Video Narrator: Yori U.

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10 Movie Sex Scenes That Were Real

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