Fox News, The Biggest Propaganda Machine On The Planet



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Published on 06/21/2009

Fox News exposed as the HYPOCRITES that they are!

Fox News is the biggest propaganda machine on the planet. Each day Fox News attacks, distorts, lies
spreads false rumors and spews hate.

This is Fox at what they do best, being total lying moronic hypocrites. Many die hard fans of Fox News
relies on Fox News to do their thinking for them. These are the weak minded so-called Christians who use "God" to try and spread their
agenda of hate, racism and propaganda.

Fox News should NOT be allowed to be called news, no other news agency in America has reported outright lies like Fox News
they will report a story, usually about the left in America, and the story will be completely false and then they "might"
use a 15 second segment to admit it was an "error" on Fox's part. Meanwhile the weak minded who don't research the lies
will not see the "error" segment and will go on YouTube etc and spread the lies.

This is only ONE of the many tactics Fox News uses. There is no doubt that Fox News is Pro Right-Wing, pro-corporation and pro-bullshit.

In this this video, you will notice that the frauds at Fox use a talking point saying "journalism in America died", I totally agree with the Fox News frauds there. The day Fox News went on the air journalism died.

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