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Published on 10/21/2018


Drawing is not only for the professional artists. It's for every person who has an art lover deep down in his soul. And with these amazing hacks you can express yourself easily. Don't be shy give it a try!

These tricks will also come in handy if you want to teach your kids or younger siblings how to draw!

If you've been struggling with painting or just want to use drawing for your kids development and entertainment, these amazing tricks are just for you!

I'm gonna demonstrate the simplest and most creative ways to learn numbers while drawing animals! You'll gradually turn 1 into curious giraffe, 2 into beautiful swan, 3 into cheerful butterfly, 4 into cute fish, 5 into nice bird, 6 into snail, 7 into playful monkey, 8 into teddy bear and 9 into magpie.

That's quite a zoo we got here! ; )

I'll show you how to draw incredibly creative origami picture of ballerina girl!

We'll draw some cute one line animals and animals from circles!

I'm a strong believer that teaching and learning must and can be fun! And this video only proves my point, doesn't it guys?

String Painting...

...My favorite kind of painting.

I am going to show you how to make paintings that are so unique, and really easy to make. This technique is called thread painting and it is so much fun. So, let’s get started on this thread painting craft. Not only will you enjoy doing it… the final result of this craft is always a surprise.

Are you fascinated by awesome designs? You must have wondered what it takes to make such amazing designs!

- Take a piece of twine/ thread and paint it in any color you like. You can also use more than one color. Make sure that the paint does not dry completely.

- Place the wet thread/ twine between the drawing sheet in any design you like. Leave one end of the thread coming out of the folded paper.

Further improvement: You may paint the thread in different color combinations along the length to achieve more exquisite designs!


2:31 Thread heart
3:48 Toothy pictures
6:15 Affectionate numbers
6:46 3D illusion
9:12 Plasticine spinner
13:55 Shoebox table football


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