SARAH PALIN talks to BARBARA WALTERS : "Going Rogue!"


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Published on 11/18/2009

Sarah Palin has some harsh words for President Obama.

In an interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters, Palin, whose book, "Going Rogue: An American Life," lands on bookshelves Tuesday, said she would give the president a mere four for his job performance on a scale of one to 10.

"There are a lot of decisions being made that I -- and probably the majority of Americans -- are not impressed with right now," said Palin, the former governor of Alaska. "I think our economy is not being put on the right track, because we're strayed too far from, fundamentally, from free enterprise principles that built our country. And I question, too, some of the dithering, and, hesitation, with some of our national security questions that have got to be answered for our country."

Even after last year's devastating defeat, Palin remains one of the Republican Party's brightest stars.


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